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.,.;***This is for my wee sister Libby who may be gone but never forgotten***;.,.

It all started when I came home to my caravan in Lossie next to the beach to hear some news that words weren't enough to describe, my mum was pregnant. She sat me down and told me that she was pregnant and I nearly hit the roof I was so happy. So yeah me, my mum and her boyfriend went through a struggle of housing which lead us to caravans and staying in one bedroomed flats which made my mum a bit stressed. After about six months we finally got a house in Elgin and we settled quite good their. One night when I was in my bedroom nearly asleep Greig came through to tell me that I had to go to my Gran's to stay because my mum's belly was soar and that no comfy seat or a good bath would help it. As soon as I got to my Gran's I crashed on the couch and fell asleep hoping maybe I had a wee bro or sis to hear about when I woke up. 

Here came my Granny running through to get the phone then to break out in tears and tell me I had a sister................that had died. I felt more angry than sad, more worried than hurt myself, isolated and worrying about my mum. I got up to the hospital to see my mum all drowsy so I started to cry.
The nurse took my baby sister through so I could see her she was a bony wee lassie. My mum called her Liberty Libby for short and she weighed 9lbs 8onz.

The next couple of days were hard on all of us and we arranged a funeral the following Thursday. At the funeral I couldn't help to notice that I was the only one not crying. I just thought of her up there with my dad and flying with the angels.

This one is for my sister Liberty who was born still asleep and is gone but never forgotten, never.

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Happy Heavenly Valentine Day Sweet Angel   / Rhonda Craig Sehon's Mom (visitor)
Libby  / Ann Hamilton (mummy)
Born at 2:31 on the 22nd of Jan, a little special one, an aquarius you'd be with a birthstone close to ruby jist like me. Cameila is your flower planted to bloom by the hour, your length and weight unsimilar to any other.Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny to...  Continue >>
flying with the angels   / Ann Hamilton (mummy)
Your flying with the angel babies up there in the sky, your flying with the angel babies in the stars so high, your flying with the angel babies morning, noon and night, when it's dark, when it's cloudy, when it's shiny bright.Your wings a twinkle pi...  Continue >>
i had a dream   / Ann Hamilton (mummy)
i had a dream last night and you were there with big round eyes and a curl in your hair, i held your hand, laughed and cried it shattered my soul to say goodbye,

we walked on the beach with sand through our toes, you cuddled miss rabbit yo...  Continue >>
when you came   / Ann Hamilton (mummy)
when you came the minutes hung like droplets of rain along the cobwebs of my days, each hour ordained, each fingered shadow pointing out my way.the carousel once bright with aspiration, windmills still with ordered pace turned to our new song, its ri...  Continue >>
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